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    Nanjing Zhukang Pharmaceutical Industry Group participated in the visit to Southwest Guizhou


    Nanjing Zhukang Pharmaceutical Industry Group participated in the visit to Southwest Guizhou


      Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Committee of Taimeng League organized a family visit for poor students in southwestern Guizhou. Nanjing Zhukang Pharmaceutical Industry Group, as the main sponsor of poor students, participated in the whole process.

      From May 30 to June 1, Xu Guoqi, Vice Secretary of Zhukang Party Branch, accompanied Tian Jing, Director of Poverty Alleviation Department of the Central Social Service Department of the Taiwan League, Yang Fan, cadre of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Taiwan League, Yang Lijuan, Vice-President of Nanjing Medical Secondary Professional School, Hou He, Head of Student Class of Qinglong, Liu Yunshuang, Director of the Office of the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Taiwan League, Tao Jun, Vice-Director of the Group Joint Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Zhou Shujuan, a leading cadre of Huizhou Province, and Huang Wenmo, a businessman from Fujian Province, visited Qinglong County to pay tribute to the families of poor students in Qinglong County who attended Nanjing Medical Secondary Professional School.

      The condolence group came to Wu Xue's guide in Laoying Village, Dongguan Street. The family warmly stood at the door to greet him. His father, as the pillar of the family, lost his labor force because of the lumbar disc protrusion. The production and life were once difficult. Now the bungalow was built and the children learned to solve the problem. Walking into the old Niuwa of Dongguan Street, we can see an old building with rusty staircase handrails. From the narrow staircase to Zhang Xinxin's house on the second floor, his mother's face was full of smiles and greeted everyone to sit down warmly and generously. His father fell down and left the orphans and widows to live in his uncle's house for the time being because he built the house carelessly. When she heard Zhang Xinxin's excellent performance in school, her mother choked with tears. She said: "Zhang Xinxin can study in Nanjing Pharmaceutical Secondary Professional School, and get everyone's concern and support, I sincerely thank you, thank you very much!"

      Xu Guoqi, Deputy Secretary of the Zhukang Party Branch, said that the children are living in a very good, positive and sunny state. There are totally different changes from before. Please rest assured. Li Zhiming, the chairman of the company, promised the students that if they have difficulties in finding Zhukang, we can provide an employment platform to help solve the employment problem. Li Zhiming, chairman of the board of directors, charges 10 students with 500 yuan per month from his salary for telephone calls in order to communicate with their families. He also provides an internship platform. The students go to the pharmacy of Tsukang every Saturday for internship, and pay their salaries on time, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future employment.

      The group also inspected on-the-spot the development of the overseas Chinese international cultural exchange base, the national patriotic education base, the anti-Japanese culture of 24 routes of abduction, the characteristic town of Ami Qituo and the health care industry in Qinglong County.

      This visit and condolences activities bring the news of children's study and life in Ningxia to the students'families in the deep mountains. They have a deeper understanding of the difficulties of students' family life and provide ideas for the follow-up more closely and deeply care for students from poor families. Zhukang Pharmaceutical Industry Group will continue to uphold social responsibility and do a good job in helping students from poor families with love and sincerity.