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    "Gratitude has your dream to build a dream" -- nanjing zhukang medical industry group 2017 outstanding staff recognition confe


    "Gratitude has your dream to build a dream" -- nanjing zhukang medical industry group 2017 outstanding staff recognition confe


      In the old age, the happy song starts the New Year. On January 22, 2018 in the afternoon, nanjing zhukang medical industry group in xinhua media was held in guangdong international hotel "gratitude have dream on you," 2017 excellent employees commendation congress and welcome cocktail party in 2018. Group chairman, general manager Mr Warren bishop Wang Yongxian ho lee, group executive vice President and managing director group supervisors Wang Xianbo, supply chain director Shao Ya identity and group staff attended the event, this party.

      The meeting kicked off in an inspiring and enthusiastic speech by Mr. Li hao, executive director of the group. At the same time, li hao also affirmed the work of all employees in 2017, indicating that the company has today's achievements and cannot leave the efforts of all employees of the group. Hope that in the New Year, all colleagues will continue to unite, to be in the same spirit, in the new journey to take the wind and waves, and never before!

      In the past year, the company's performance by leaps and bounds, the increasing number of employees, professional team is also in better shape too, these are inseparable from the company management team and staff of hard work and pay. At the commendation meeting, the group company successively awarded, including good employees and special contribution award, multiple awards, to build on work outstanding people to recognize, a number of employee representatives also published their acceptance speech, to share the work experience and the successful experience, and expressed confidence in the new target in the coming year and hope.

      In addition to the outstanding performance in the work, the jiankang people show professional performance in the talent show. At the party, the scene was warm and warm, and the song was composed of songs with deep feeling and a musical instrument. Now and then, cheers and laughter. On the stage, each of them showed his skill. The hall was peaceful, and the charm and charm of the building of the people were brilliant. The whole meeting was full of cheers and laughter, passion and strength.nanjing zhukang medical industry group "gratitude has a dream on you," 2017 excellent commendation congress and 2018 employees welcome cocktail party successfully ended in pieces of laughter, believe it is because we are in the past year's pay, will blossom at the end of the year when the most gorgeous smile. The old year has already spread a thousand brocade, the New Year again enters a hundred foot pole. Looking back on 2017, we will build kangkang and look forward to 2018. We will be ready to renew our brilliant achievements.